Pranesh Sharma | Bar Manager

Specialty Cocktails

Spiked Thai Ice Tea 
Our home-made Thai Iced tea, coupled with brandy and Kahula

Chocolate Martini
Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liquor & Creme de Cacao

Ginger Mojto
Yazi ginger vodka, fresh mint & ginger, muddled to perfection

Lychee Martini
Soho lychee liquor, mixed with our house vodka & served chilled

Jai Thai Punch
Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Orange, and Cranberry Juice, Let the Party Begin!

A Martini with Vodka, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry Juice, Ride the Wave.

Island Delight
Malibu Rum, Vodka, Orange Juice & Pineapple

Sparkling Ruby
A refreshing blend of Vodka, Raspberry Liquor, Lemonade & Club Soda.

Red Lotus 
Soho lychee liquor, combined with vodka & cranberry put a Southeast
Asian twist to this classic

Georgia Peach Tea
Firefly Sweet Vodka, Absolute Peach and a dash of peach schnapps makes this surprisingly strong.

Siam Sour
Freshly muddled lemons & oranges combined wth Evan Wiliams bourbon


Jai Thai Hot Cocktail Menu

Raspberry Kamikazi
House infused vodka, Black Raspberry Liquor, Lime Juice, and Sour Mix

Tokyo Tea
Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Melon Liquor, Sour Mix and Sprite

Thai Basil Martini
House infused Lemongrass Vodka, Simple syrup & Basil

Ginger Toddy
Brandy, Fresh Ginger, Honey, & Cinnamon

Adult Hot Chocolate
Nestle Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Schnapps & Whipped Cream

Laughing Buddha
House infused Lemongrass Vodka, Ginger Beer, Thai chili, Ginger & Lime Juice

Lemongrass Lime Rickey
Our Lemongrass-infused vodka, muddled lime & sour mix

Castillo rum with a blend of amaretto tropical juices and a Myer ‘s float

Hot Angry Cider
Fireball, Spiced Apple Cider powder and Cinnamon

Cafe Amaretto
Cognac, Amaretto, Strong Black Coffee & Whipped Cream

Mexican Coffee
Tequila, Kahula, Coffee, Whipped Cream

Winter Comfort
Southern Comfort, Nestle hot chocolate & Whipped Cream